A 10 Foundation dissolution | liquidation | deletion | transfer of registered office abroad

The Foundation in Liechtenstein shall be dissolved by operation of law in the event of bankruptcy or a court order for dissolution or a resolution of the Board of Trustees.

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The dissolution resolution is followed by the liquidation of the foundations assets and distribution to the ultimate beneficiaries. This is followed by the deletion, for which an official confirmation is issued by the Office of Justice.

Alternatively, the private-benefit foundation in Liechtenstein can also be converted into a Liechtenstein establishment or trust enterprise or transferred abroad.

Dissolution and termination in DE, CH, AT
DE: In Germany, it is generally the sole responsibility of the supervisory authority to dissolve the foundation. The founder cannot designate himself as the beneficiary.
CH: In Switzerland, foundations are dissolved by the competent federal or cantonal authorities upon application or ex officio. If so ordered in the foundation deed, an accrual to the founder is possible. Foundations are part of the Swiss Merger Act, whereby foundations may only merge with other foundations.

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